Certified Transaction Coordinator (CTC)


Transaction Coordinating Services Offered


Generate and assist sellers in the completion of all seller disclosures. Pre-open escrow, order the natural hazard disclosure report and start client communications.

  • Pre-open escrow with preferred escrow officer
  • Make Introductions and create instructions for sellers
  • Generate seller disclosures
  • Assist sellers with completion of disclosures
  • Order the natural hazard disclosure report


We will review the contract, send out introductions with key dates to all parties and upload the transaction documents to your broker. We will review the preliminary title report, confirm the Pre-Approval Letter and Proof of Funds have been received and confirm commissions with escrow.

  • Send Introductory emails to clients, cooperating agents, escrow, title company and lenders.
  • Ensure transmission of Key items and timelines to all parties.
  • Review all contracts and addendums
  • Provide completed disclosures and reports to buyer’s agent
  • Verify pre-approval letter and receipt proof of funds have been received
  • Confirm commission structure with escrow
  • Upload documents to your broker file

Broker Compliance

We upload all documents to your broker portal and perform a final audit before close of escrow, confirm all documents on your broker transaction checklist are fully executed and your file is compliant.

  • Audit file throughout each transaction form start to finish
  • Confirm all documents are obtained per your broker checklist
  • Submit fully executed documents to your broker portal
  • Perform a final audit for compliance


We will review, audit, and edit all documents and submit fully executed copies to your broker file and necessary parties.

  • Review, audit and edit all documents
  • Provide all necessary documentation to all parties involved
  • Confirm each reports is in broker file
  • Submit fully completed documentation to broker file
  • Perform additional file services as needed such as addenda, contingency removal(s), and verification of property conditions.


You will receive notifications of key dates and deadlines to keep you on track. All parties to the transaction will also receive reminders to keep the transaction running smoothly.

  • Notify all parties of key dates and deadlines
  • Remind agents of important upcoming dates
  • Send courtesy due-date reminders


We will communicate with all parties throughout the transaction to ensure a seamless transaction experience.

  • Introductory emails to all parties to the transaction
  • Maintain professional and timely communication with all parties throughout every transaction via email, text and phone
  • Communication via emails, texts and phone calls
  • Professional and timely communication

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